GLE Example:

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size 10 7

set texlabels 1

begin graph
   scale auto
   title  "Semi-Transparent Fills"
   xtitle "Time"
   ytitle "Output"
   xaxis min 0 max 9
   yaxis min 0 max 6 dticks 1
   let d1 = sin(x)*1.5+1.5 from 0 to 10
   let d2 = 1/x from 0.01 to 10
   let d3 = 10*(1/sqrt(2*pi))*exp(-2*(sqr(x-4)/sqr(2))) from 0 to 10
   key background gray5
   begin layer 300
      fill x1,d1 color rgba255(255,0,0,80)
      d1 line color red key "$1.5\sin(x)+1.5$"
   end layer
   begin layer 301
      fill x1,d2 color rgba255(0,128,0,80)
      d2 line color green key "$1/x$"
   end layer
   begin layer 302
      fill x1,d3 color rgba255(0,0,255,80)
      d3 line color blue key "$\frac{10}{\sqrt{2\pi}}\exp\left(\frac{-2(x-4)^2}{2^2}\right)$"
   end layer
end graph


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