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Source Code
(2.2 MB, Mar 9 2012)
Source code for Windows, Cygwin, Linux, Unix, Mac OS/X, and OS/2 (compilation and installation guide).
(2.2 MB, Mar 9 2012)
Source code without additional fonts.
(142.4 KB, Oct 23 2010)
Additional fonts for GLE.
Binary Installers
(9.7 MB, Mar 8 2012)
Windows self installing executable (installation and configuration guide).
     Mac OS/X distribution
Mac OS/X distribution.
     Fedora RPMs
Packages for the Fedora distribution of GNU/Linux.
     Suse RPMs
Packages for the Open Suse distribution of GNU/Linux.
     Debian packages
Packages for the Debian distribution of GNU/Linux.
     T2 SDE package
Packages for the T2 SDE distribution of GNU/Linux. 
(1.7 MB, Oct 23 2010)
OS/2 archive (includes DLLs and manual).
     Next Version Preview
A preview of the next version (source code and installers).
(3.6 MB, Feb 21 2012)
GLE Reference Manual (PDF format).
(2.1 MB, Oct 23 2010)
GLE Users Manual by David Parfitt (PDF format).
Syntax Highlighting
(8.9 KB, Dec 25 2012)
GLE mode for GNU Emacs by Kai Nordlund. 
(2.1 KB, Oct 23 2010)
GLE syntax highlighting for VIM.
(8.1 KB, Dec 25 2012)
GLE syntax highlighting for Notepad++ by Budo Zindovic.
(4.5 KB, Dec 25 2012)
GLE syntax highlighting for Nedit. 
(213.7 KB, Oct 23 2010)
GLE macros for WinEdt.
(5.2 KB, Dec 25 2012)
GLE syntax highlighting file for EditPlus.
(1.8 KB, Oct 23 2010)
Perl script for making slide show animations with GLE. 
(154 B, Oct 23 2010)
Shell script to correct the bounding box of .eps files (by A. S. Budden). 
(5.5 KB, Oct 23 2010)
Script for creating GLE plots from within Matlab (
Older Versions
     Older versions of GLE
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