The following people have given their time and talent to help support the GLE effort (in alphabetical order).

  • A. S. Budden: programming (QGLE), packager for Arch Linux
  • Andrey G. Grozin: packager for Gentoo Linux
  • Axel Rohde: 3.3f-h versions (these were 32 bit DOS and OS/2 ports)
  • Bryn Jeffries: programming (Linux)
  • Chris Pugmire: original program creation and design
  • Christoph Brendes: programming
  • David Parfitt: documentation (GLE users guide)
  • Edd Edmondson: packager for Mac OS/X
  • Jan Struyf: programming (and current 4.x series maintainer)
  • Laurence Abbott: programming
  • Michal Vyskocil: packager for OpenSUSE
  • Stephen Blundell: documentation (GLE users guide)
  • Steve Wilkinson: programming (user interface)
  • Terje Røsten: packager for Fedora Core
  • Vincent LaBella: resurrected 3.3h to GLE 4.0 C++ code base
  • Zbigniew Kisiel: testing

If your name is missing, please contact the GLE mailing list.


Imagix Corp. for their donation of their Imagix 4D software program for help with GLE development. This is an excellent program that helped Dr. LaBella gain deep insight into the original source code. I recommend it for anyone who has inherited legacy code that they need to improve or maintain.