GLE Support and Documentation

Mailing Lists

The best place to get help is through the mailing lists. There are several:

Note that the mailing lists are configured to only accept posts from list members. Posts from non-members are first send to the list moderator for approval. This precaution makes the lists effectively spam free. Note also that e-mail addresses are not stored in the list archives.

Please feel free to contact the GLE-general mailing list with any questions that you may have about GLE or about writing specific GLE scripts.


Several documents describe the use of GLE.

  • The GLE reference manual (PDF).
  • Excellent users guide written by David Parfitt (for all versions)  (PDF)  (HTML).
  • You can also try looking at the examples page.

Installation Guides and Tutorials

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bugs and feature requests can be either sent to the GLE-general mailing list mentioned above, or filed using the appropriate tracker:

If you file a bug in the bug tracker, please include your name. Also include the GLE version that you use and state the operation system on which you run GLE.